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Flights and Tights

Apr 1, 2020

We did it, gang! Jess and Rebecca discuss the surprising highs and unavoidable lows of the last live action Superman movie (so far).

Show Notes:

Essays on Cyborg as a castration metaphor:

Mar 16, 2020

We thought some Superman movies were bad. We had NO IDEA. Jess and Rebecca soldier through BvS, Granny's peach tea and all. I wonder if we'll find out Batman's mom's name?

Show Notes:

Folding Ideas - Everyone Batman Kills in BvS (and why it matters):


Sep 10, 2018

This episode, Jess and Rebecca trudge resentfully into the DCEU! Listen to hear our thoughts on Action Jor-El, the worst Jonathan Kent ever, and *that* ending.

Twitter/Tumblr: @flightstights

Show Notes:

Chris Sims’ review:


Jul 17, 2018

This episode, Jess and Rebecca leap into the 21st century to discuss murderous preschoolers, Christina Aguilera, and this movie's secret, incredibly gross subtext.

Twitter/Tumblr: @flightstights

What A Girl Wants (trust us, it'll make sense after you listen):

Jun 1, 2018

Is this the worst Superman movie ever...or is it the BEST? Jess and Rebecca take this question seriously as they discuss double dates, Jon Cryer's hair, and global nuclear disarmament.

Twitter/Tumblr: @flightstights

Referenced articles on the Allison Mack story: